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Business to business meetings are designed to connect buyers and sellers of organic field crops. Both the buyers and sellers who sign up will receive customized meeting schedules prior to the trade show. As a buyer, if you still have open slots by February 23, you can opt to allow organic producers to sign up for empty slots at the show. However, we prefer to pre-assign the majority of the meetings before the show. The 10 minute meetings will take place in a curtained-off area on the trade show floor. Most of the meeting will be scheduled during the breaks so you don't have to miss conference sessions. If you're a producer, make the most of your meetings by printing out a list of the products and typical grain quality of the grains that want to sell, and be sure to bring a stack of business cards with you. Participation in B2B meetings is free for both buyers and sellers.

Participating Buyers


If you are an organic buyer and want to participate in our B2B meetings, please get in touch with us



We are no longer setting up pre-arranged meetings. However, some buyers may allow you to sign up for meetings at the trade show. Visit the B2B registration desks in the Manitoba room to sign up